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केहि तस्बिरहरु!

 पोखरा किर्तिपुर  ककनीको मनिहर दृश्य सहित सप्तगण्डगी रामेछाप जाँदा  पशुपती वनकाली

About Me

Hello! Welcome to my Webpage, 

I'm Rameshwor Nepal from the beautiful HIMALAYAN Country Nepal.

I am a multi-passionate creative who is obsessed with beautiful visuals and loves to create a strong aesthetic.I like mostly Blogging, Web-page-Designing, Programming and reading: Astrological & Mythological books, Philosophical literature, Photography, Social networking and some time writing also. I am the registered member of NEC (Nepal Engineering Council) and Romantic-Sentimental and emotional person to some extent.

Graphics-designing and Web page designing was always been interest of mine. I used to spend hours on the Internet especially in the graphics-designing, web-page-designing and web programming. I was really interested in the world of web and started dreaming about being a web developer.

When i feel tired on internet then i start to reading Astrological-Mythological Books and some times Photography also.

interest and experienced in:
graphic design, web page design, Blogging, social media, freelance writing, Astrology, Mythological preach and Motivation.

I hope I’m able to share my interest, knowledge and experience with you through this about me page.
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